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A Table In Venice : Recipes from my Home - Skye McAlpine

$ 33.00

With 100 irresistible recipes, 150 photos, and evocative essays, A Table In Venice is a love letter to this storied city that will bring the beauty of its cuisine into home kitchens everywhere.

Charming and mysterious, Venice is a top travel destination that is accessible to all and yet seems almost secretive. To find the true heart of this fabled city, to find real Venetians and experience the local fare, you need a guide.

Skye McAlpine has lived in Venice for most of her life. Born in London, her family moved there when she was six years old. Traveling by gondola, enjoying creamy risi e bisi (Venetian-style rice and peas) for lunch, splashing through streets that flood when the tide is high--this is everyday life. Daily rhythms are established by markets, mealtimes, and afternoon spritzes, and Skye has learned from her neighbors and friends how to cook the Venetian way. A Table in Venice takes readers to this city to share in cooking traditional Venetian dishes as well as her take on classics. The stunning photography and beautiful storytelling will bring this lovely city to life as never before.