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Children's Book - The Wonderful Egg

$ 19.95

Long, long ago, more than one hundred million years ago, everything was different than today . . . there were very strange beasts and most of them were big. Stupendously, tremendously, enormously BIG. And they all laid eggs. And one wonderful egg sat all alone at the base of a giant fern tree in the green jungle world . . .

Dahlov Ipcar's classic picture book explores the glorious world of dinosaurs from Brontosaurus to Tyrannosaurus. Fifteen weird and wonderful prehistoric creatures soar, swim, and crawl through Ipcar's striking illustrations in bold and beautiful color which will entice and enthral young readers.

After meeting all of these fabulous creatures, we find that the egg contains a surprise very different from what we expected! And therein lies the extraordinary story of the wonderful egg.

  • Vivid, four spot color printing pays homage to Ipcar's bold and inimitable color palette
  • The Flying Eye edition re-masters the original artwork with the same attention to detail and print quality as the original
  • Dhalov Ipcar is one of America's most iconic children's writers and illustrators