Fig + Yarrow - Matcha Milkbath

Fig + Yarrow - Matcha Milkbath

MATCHA MILKBATH is an antioxidizing blend of Matcha tea in skin nourishing coconut milk and detoxifying minerals.

This is a delicious milk tea you can steep yourself in! 

+ when applied externally, Matcha tea offers all of the same antioxidizing benefits it's known for that lend to healthier and more radiant skin. add skin rejuvenation through a healthy stimulation of cell turnover, reduction of blemishes due to regulation of sebum production, repair from UV damage, minimization of hyperpigmentation effects from sun exposure + overall skin toning and tightening.

+ coconut milk powder is full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are so good for our skin and hair. high in protein, copper, and some wonderful fatty acids such as lauric which possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties. another free radical fighter, coconut is a true beauty staple.

magnesium salts absorb easily through the skin to aid detoxification, improve circulation and provide relief from irritation and aches.

salts of the Dead Sea, known for innumerable therapeutic benefits since ancient times, contain fluid retention combating magnesium and circulation-increasing calcium.

baking soda is an alkalizing mineral which encourages the body toward it’s basic healthy, disease-resistant state.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Salt of the Dead Sea, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt), Coconut Milk powder*, Matcha Tea powder. *organic