Little Apple Treats

Little Apple Treats - Rose Petals + Cocoa Nibs Caramel Treat Pack

$ 6.95

We pack these award-winning caramels with fresh cocoa nibs from Dick Taylor Chocolate, an award-winning chocolatier in Northern California, and sprinkle them with dried heirloom rose petals from our garden. This one is my personal favorite! This caramel is both a Good Food Award and SOFI award winner and was a pick for the 2018 Martha Stewart Holiday Gift Guide! All our luxurious caramels start as freshly-pressed cider, made from the heirloom apples we grow on our Sonoma County organic farm. We slow-cook our candies to buttery perfection using local butter and cream + freshly ground spices. We dust every caramel with our Pink Pearl apple powder and vanilla bean sea salt to create both a delicious and beautiful treat! 1.8 oz. bag (6 pieces).