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Flowers and Pretty Things

The other day I walked into Dana’s house and heard her talking to someone in the kitchen.

“I know you’re not happy this morning, but you have so much to look forward to,” she said.  “You’re so beautiful and you make so many people happy.”

I almost reverse-roboted out of the house and got back in my car.  Whoever she was talking to needed wine and chocolate.  Like, yesterday.

“It’s okay, you can open up to me,” she continued.

I had to see who this poor soul was — so I knew to buy red or white / milk or dark.

I walked into the kitchen and Dana had tears in her eyes.  But, there was no one in the room with her…  And her phone was in the hall.  

Had my suspicions been confirmed?  Had Dana gone crazy?  She hadn’t stopped working or slept in awhile…

She handed me a flower.

“Could you tickle this peony for me?”  She handed me a stem with a gorgeous deep burgundy ball on top.


“They have to be tickled to simulate ants in nature,” she said.  "Peonies won’t open unless the syrup is moved around.  We’re in my kitchen without any ants, so you need to pretend that you’re the ants.”

Of course.  She was talking to the flowers.

Later, when I told my friend Amy Murphy, Founder & CEO of event planning company, Parties, Petals and Paper, she was like, “Obviously.  Peonies are queens.  [Crown Emoji].”

Well, whaddya know.  Flowers have feelings, too.

We’re grateful to Wild Flora for all of their flower knowledge and guidance!!!!!!

I bet Dana’s hugging the Garden Roses right now…

— LB xx

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