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Why “Gratitude Collaborative”?
For one thing, gratitude is what makes us happy. The “stuff” we have in our lives doesn’t mean anything – it’s the recognition and appreciation we assign to our things, both tangible and not, that determines our self-fulfillment.
This is the time of year when #Blessed is trending, but we at GC try to nurture that gratitude all year. What allows us to do that is a commitment to mindfulness and philanthropy. #SquadGoals. And, we get by with a little help from our friends.
Over the past year, we have done some outreach and networking, and what we’ve found is that like attracts like. We have met a number of local artisans and small business owners that share our values and work ethic. We are so fortunate to be collaborating with companies and individuals that enhance our brand and perpetuate our goals. They inspire us to work harder and to give back more.

A couple of weeks ago, Dana and I were walking through the Brentwood Farmers Market, and we struck up a conversation with Lisa Mcfarlin, co-founder of small batch granola company KITH & THYME, and her lovely daughter Lily. It took 5 minutes before we felt like we were “kith,” which means “familiar friends” or “kin.” Lisa has a full time job with The Giving Keys, a company that employs those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles to make key necklaces and other jewelry. But, she, with her partner Patrese Hedding, make incredibly delicious granola.

Lisa speaks poetically about Kith & Thyme. For her and Patrese, their granola is meant to nourish the soul as much as provide delicious nutrition. They bake the granola in layers, and you're meant to go on a journey as you taste the various components. Lisa mentions that their customers are the type of people who sit down at the breakfast table – they want to enjoy the granola as a family. Family dinners are also important to Lisa and Patrese, and they host a number of them throughout the year, pairing their creative friends with six delicious courses prepared by a gourmet chef. Lisa lives in a mid-century house in Calabasas and is working toward making the orchard on her property functional so that she may offer food donations to local co-ops. The various flavors of Kith & Thyme make a sweet addition to our gift boxes, and we love the message they are spreading.

-- LB xx


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