Gratitude Collaborative

Bathing Culture - Refillable Rainbow Glass Mind and Body Wash - Cathedral Grove

$ 36.00

A permanent home for your favorite soap—refillable, responsible, radiant bathing vibes.

Inspired by the places we love getting dirty, our Cathedral Grove blend of essential oils transports you to the Redwood canopies of northern California. Revive with a silky lather, courtesy of skin-friendly oils, shea butter and aloe. Mind and Body Wash is concentrated, so just a dab will do you—and don't forget to refill!

16 fl oz

Organic coconut oil,
Organic olive oil,
Organic sunflower oil,
Natural plant glycerin (soy bean),
Aloe vera,
Shea butter,
Guar bean,
Citric acid,
& Essential oils.