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Men's Society - My Dad Rocks Whisky Stones

$ 17.00

Whiskey Stones are a great alternative to ice.  Drop them in your whiskey, or any tipple, to chill your drink without diluting.

Made from 100% Soapstone, which harbours less bacteria and fewer impurities than ice. These whiskey stones can be reused time and time again, just wash and freeze again in their bag.

Suitable for:

  • The sophisticated drinker.
  • The spirit collector.
  • The man of the world.
  • We get asked loads of questions about whiskey stones. Here are the answers to the most common ones. 

    Can they only be used in whiskey?
    No, not at all. They're great in all drinks! Whiskey stones are called that because of the connection to Scots using chips of rock to cool their drinks. 

    Are whiskey stones safe?
    Yes - we don't just wander around outside and pick up random rocks. We always recommend that you wash them before you first use them and again after each use.

    Can I use them more than once?
    Use them for the rest of your life. Just chuck them back into the freezer when you're done.


Cotton Bag

6 Whiskey Stones

Length - 11cm. 

Width - 8cm. 

Depth - 2.5cm.

Weight - 200g.