Thank you for Shopping Small!

 Gratitude Collaborative's mission is to give gifts that give back.  We are a boutique gifting studio that offers high-end products customized to our clients' needs. We partner with local artisans who create small-batch goods using the highest quality ingredients and materials.

All of our gift boxes have a donation built into their cost that goes directly to charitable sources. Nearly 49 million Americans struggle with hunger. Many are working families, children and the elderly. The sale of each of our boxes provides meals to those in need. We seek to sustain the community that sustains us. We are grateful that our gifts lend a helping hand to the people around us.

We work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations to create both intimate and large-scale gifts. We can personalize any gift box with thematic expression and unique touches. Whether you would like to choose from our caché of high-end, curated products or let us find curios based on your individual preferences, we can design the perfect gift to suit your specific needs.

In an age of gift cards and certificates, we believe in making gestures that nurture relationships. Whether it's for an event, a holiday, or just because, let us help you make someone feel special.



Dana Renée Ashmore, Founder & CEO:

Dana was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. She grew up riding ATV's, fishing and chasing around a soccer ball.  She received her BA in Business from Georgia Tech University in 2009.

When the film industry moved to Atlanta, Dana found her calling. She began her career as a PA on Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and worked her way up to a constantly-working 2nd Assistant Director.

By the time she moved to Los Angeles in 2011, Dana had transitioned to Producer. Partnering with Frank Darabont ("Shawshank Redemption," "The Walking Dead"), she has produced the TV show, "Mob City," and has multiple film and television projects in development.

Throughout her career, Dana has sought a way to give back to her community in both artistic and charitable ways. In 2014, she founded Gratitude Collaborative in order to maximize the number of people in need whom she could help.

Dana lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Shawn Ashmore, and their dogs, Faith and Lucky.

 Laura Bousman, Vice-President:

Laura Bousman is one of the few natives of Los Angeles, CA. She played club soccer and wrote plays during high school. In 2003, she graduated from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies, before picking up and moving to Edinburgh, Scotland for almost a year where she bartended and traveled.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, she "got a real job," and began her career in the non-profit world. She started in Human Resources & Administration at the Independent Film & Television Alliance, and worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at Bet Tzedek Legal Services. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Blank Theatre in Hollywood.

Laura has lived all over the world with her husband, director Darren Bousman ("SAW II-IV," "Repo! The Genetic Opera"). In 2011, she entered the producing world, and she has collaborated with Darren on a number of projects.

Working with Dana on Gratitude Collaborative has been one of the great joys of Laura's life. She is looking forward to combining her non-profit background with her production one and doing something creative while giving back to her community.

Laura and Darren live in Studio City, and their first child, Henry, was born in December 2014. Their dogs, Chance and Ninja, and cat, Zoe, are currently adjusting.