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Cousu De Fil Blanc - 3.5oz Bar Soap

$ 13.60

All our soaps are handcrafted by a master soap maker, with the greatest respect for ancestral know-how. To 100% vegetable bases, we add the highest quality raw materials, organics vegetable oils, clays, mountain honey, essential oils and plants selected for their beneficial properties.


Almond milk soap: The soothing and softening properties of almond milk*, sweet almond oil* and mountain honey*, whose nourishing and softening properties make this delicately foaming soap perfect for sensitive or fragile skin.

Black tea soap: Subtly scented, it combines the finesse of Ceylon tea leaves, and the smoothness of tea oil * and sweet almond oil *, with soothing and softening properties. Suitable for all skin types.

Argan soap: Combining the softening and repairing properties of argan oil* with mountain honey* and pink clay, this soap is suitable for all skin types. It evokes the delicate scent of a pretty bouquet of tea roses.

Honey soap: An extremely soft and gentle blend of honey* and olive oil* renowned for their nourishing properties, this deliciously scented soap suits all skins types.

Verbena soap: The refreshing and invigorating scent of verbena leaves*, honey* and olive oil* with nourishing properties : this very soft soap suits all skin types.

Lavender soap: The purifying and regenerating properties of lavender* and palmarosa* essential oils, more soothing properties of calendula flowers* and macadamia oil*.

*ingredients from organic produce