Gratitude Collaborative

Izola - Red Cedar Incense - 32 cones

$ 17.50

  • FRAGRANCE: Made from the fresh-smelling needles of a traditional Balsam fir tree, these unique burner sticks can turn any bedroom into an outdoor memory or dream. Guaranteed to keep your room, drawer, bathroom, car or office smelling so fresh that the birds will be jealous.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for a trendy gift for an upcoming wedding, birthday, holiday, or celebration? Our signature incense will smell elegant in any summer hunting lodge, boat cabin, beach house, or living area.
  • FENG SHUI The fragrant aroma creates a woodsy atmosphere for those longing for the natural scent of an evergreen forest or thinking of a quiet day by the lake or in the mountains. If you want to transform your living area, breathe, relax, and and enjoy the essences of evergreen and nature. Great for spiritual or aromatherapy practices.
  • PREMIUM PACKAGING: Our stickless incense packs are decorative and vintage, providing the perfect opportunity to give an exotic gift your friends will love. Can become a tradition at the holidays and throughout the year!
  • MADE IN MAINE: Main ingredients harvested right here in the United States of America, keeping our luxury products fresh and local. Your new incense set is handmade with natural, quality ingredients, so you can feel good about your purchase.