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Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  We were so happy to share the love with friends we made at our Madewell and Alfred Coffee Pop-Ups over Valentine's Day weekend.

Even though we were crazy busy making flower arrangements, prepping gift boxes and doing shipments and deliveries, we always have time to support other companies we love.  So, when The Giving Keys asked us for a special Valentine's Day box to be a game prize at their first solo-branded Pop-Up ever, of course we obliged!

About The Giving Keys:

Singer Caitlin Crosby started this awesome project in 2010 after an "Ah-ha Moment." After falling in love with her motel room key, she decided to put it on a chain. Once she was back home in Los Angeles, she asked a locksmith to engrave the word LOVE on it. On her next tour, she sold old keys with words like HOPE, FAITH, and STRENGTH engraved on them. The project continued to grow, but wasn't complete until Caitlin met Cera and Rob, two homeless 20somethings. She hired them to engrave the keys and ship out orders to customers. The project has changed their lives in a profound way, and that's really Caitlin's goal for all of us. Once you make a key with the word you want, your goal is to give it away to someone who needs it. Engraved LOVE? Give it to someone who needs love. PEACE? You get it. It's a new take on paying it forward, and it's impossibly cool -- THE HUFFINGTON POST.

Our box was won on the first spin of the wheel (a la THE PRICE IS RIGHT).  We hope that the winner enjoyed the goodies and felt some GRATITUDE, which was obviously the word inscribed on the key necklace we included.

For more information about The Giving Keys, please visit

-- LB xx

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