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Spotlight on a Non-Profit We Love: Raise A Child.US

415,000 foster kids need permanent homes.

Children in foster care are just regular kids who, through no fault of their own, are removed from their families due to situations of abuse, neglect, or outright rejection. Too many children languish in an overburdened U.S. foster care system.

> 250,000 children enter the U.S. foster care system every year.

> Chances for permanent placement drop drastically for children ages 5+, siblings, children of color, and for self-identified LGBT youth.

> 104,000 children available for adoption today!

There are not enough parents to care for all of the children in the U.S. foster care system. Every leading child welfare organization concludes that successful families come in a variety of configurations. Research supports equality. Together, we can decrease the number of children in the system, by increasing the number of qualified prospective parents. You can make a difference. RaiseAChild.US is a national nonprofit that promotes family building to a broad spectrum of prospective parents to solve the U.S. foster care crisis. We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, marital status, gender, age, or income.

RaiseAChild.US recruits, educates, and nurtures supportive relationships equally with all prospective foster and adoptive parents while partnering with agencies to improve the process of advancing foster children to safe, loving, and permanent homes. Our vision is to be the nationwide leader in the recruitment and support of LGBT and all prospective parents interested in building families through fostering and adopting to meet the needs of the 415,000 children in the foster care system. -- Excerpted from the Raise A Child.US website

Earlier this year, Dana and I attended a fundraiser for Raise A Child.US.  It was so incredible to hear from the families that have been touched by this organization.  Families that wouldn't exist without it.  So many wonderful potential adoptive parents are discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, marital status, gender, age or income.  Raise A Child.US seeks to foster a world in which LOVE defines a family.  What a beautiful message and an incredible organization.  For more information about Raise A Child.US, visit

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